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4K Blu-ray Confirmed, Coming in Late 2015

I was just sitting here watching a 4K HDTV from Sony (we also have Samsung and LG versions) and thinking about how amazing the picture is. The detail, the color and the depth is over the top. And I was just watching a cable broadcast. I loaded up a Blu... (more...)

Power Cords Really Do Matter

We get a lot of positive emails and thank you notes at The Little Guys, but this might be one of the best ever. As our regular customers know, we constantly talk about the importance of premium interconnect cables both analog and digital. We also stress... (more...)

4K is amazing

Let’s Be Perfectly Clear… 4K or Ultra HD televisions are up-converting the incoming signal to 4K resolution. They are taking 1080P, 720P, 1080i or whatever signal you are sending to them and letting you watch a 4K image. Just like your old 1080P set... (more...)


I have said many times, how do you know what you are getting when it comes to generic wires and cables. The companies have no integrity or standards to live up to.  Here is an example of one of the bigger ones getting caught. Falsely labeled Cat6……... (more...)

The LG 84″ 4K panel is here in the store

Now on display LG 84” 4K TV! You need to come to the store and check it out.  WOW it is truly an amazing picture.  This thing is huge and gorgeous. LG says, “This technological triumph in cinema provides marvelous cutting-edge 3D technology... (more...)

Networks – Hidden But So Important

Networks are such an important part of today’s home technology. They are truly the backbone on which all of our communication, control and components live. We completed an install this week for a client whose network situation was so screwed up. He... (more...)


DirecTV & Viacom We would like to offer some information this morning to our valued clients who may be using DirecTV services. You may notice that you are unable to view some of your favorite channels. DirecTV... (more...)

Samsung SMART TV’s are amazing

We are running an amazing promotion on the new Samsung SMART TVs. Click the image below to register for more information.  Read More →

How to Control You TV with Your iPad

By Chris Chiarella at HDLiving Ah, the Apple iPad, that 10.1-inch window on the future, the multipurpose, multitasking slab left behind by some visiting alien race to make all our lives better. Starting at $499 and boasting a gorgeous touch-screen,... (more...)

Some new stuff!!

Sony bluray player with built in Google TV option allows for internet surfing as well as all the other apps that seem to be on just about everything nowadays. Included is a small keyboard remote for easy use.. was $400 now on sale for $249.95. We have... (more...)

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